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Data Conversion Service

There's an easier way?

Our Data Conversion Service will save you time and money

Why spend hours keying in data from supplier invoices, pricing, product files, or any format which requires manipulation prior to generating business benefits. 


Your time is valuable, and is why the Striven Data Conversion Service has been developed.  With this service, we take any format which your suppliers provides you with, and we will convert this into a workable format which can be inserted straight into your POS.  It's that easy!

Do you want to save time and money?

From our knowledge of the retail landscape, many retailers are spending more than 3 hours per week managing data conversion and data entry tasks. 

The Striven Data Conversion service will enable you to free up your team, through leveraging the Striven Business Process team.  We will manage the end to end data conversion for you, ensuring that the data is converted into a format which can be loaded quickly into your POS system.

No more lost productivity, ensuring your team can spend more time with your customers.

Three simple steps

Why waste your time with keying data into your system.  Striven will provide a consolidated file, and upload this straight into your POS.