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Profit Maximiser

Stay ahead of the competition

Build pricing strategies, and see the impact of these on your business prior to implementing across your store.

Profit Maximiser is a solution which enables you to utilise your existing Point of Sale system, by simply exporting the data into Profit Maximiser.     

Why would I need it?

The Striven Profit Maximise tool will generate insights which clearly articulates the impact of any change prior to deploying these across your business.  Once you’re happy, all that’s left to do is make some adjustments within your Point of Sale system, queue the labels with the new pricing, and you are ready to begin seeing the benefits within your store.

  • Leverage the Striven competitor price file containing over 100,000 products and prices, or load your own competitor price information

  • Evaluate your business performance across many variables

  • Quickly build pricing strategies to maximise your profitability and save for future use

  • Calculate the business improvements you would gain based on these strategies

  • See an overview of your current pricing against your forecasted pricing

  • Apply various ‘what if’ scenarios to see the results of any price adjustment, before you implement them

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