Turning business data into business intelligence.

What if you had a business partner who delivered not only data but also delivered insights based on that data? A partner who gave you the clarity to confidently make the right decisions for your business? And what if this same partner was adaptable to any situation and always reliable?

That partner is Striven.

Striven works collaboratively with you to provide the clear data and business intelligence that lets you make the brave decisions that drive your business.

Here’s how Striven works for your business.

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Clear data. Clear advantages.

Striven improves your business performance by covering; sales, profitability, working capital and retail performance analytics, and delivers this as clear data.

The advantages are also clear. The Striven system is built on very robust foundations with the latest technology. The Striven database is built using superior architecture that can scale to almost any retail industry.

We offer an always-on technology that is unique to Striven. If your internet /network is not functioning – Striven will continue to operate, which ensures you keep trading.